Todd Manzi

Democrats like Senator Harry Reid understand—and manipulate—the bias of the mainstream media. They realize it is their most powerful political weapon, and they wield it with masterful skill. Democrats control the news cycle, because they apply an advanced level of game theory as they use the press to gain an edge over their political opponents.

In 2005, Thomas Schelling received the Nobel Prize in economics. Schelling won the award because of the way he applied the principles of game theory to help manage the U.S. nuclear standoff with the Soviets. Reid has demonstrated his mastery of this discipline by soundly trouncing the Republicans in the press.

People who understand game theory will contemplate the other player’s likely move and incorporate it into a more complex strategy. Poker is an apt analogy. At the surface, the strategy of poker is to bet if you have the best hand. At a deeper level, a good move can be made that violates surface strategy by bluffing. At an expert level, players intensely watch their opponents, so they know who to bluff, who not to bluff, when to bluff and when not to bluff. A strategy of the game is developed that looks nothing like beginning strategy, because it relies more on the behavior of the other players than the fundamentals of the game.

It used to be that the press would report the happenings of politics. Somewhere along the line, the process became perverted, and politicians began playing to the press and engaging in behavior that was motivated solely because of the prospect of media coverage. The tail wagged the dog, and politicians learned they could manipulate the press. Today, the message of politics is delivered through a liberally biased prism. Not only do Reid and the Democrats make moves designed to get media coverage, they take full advantage of the premise that the people reporting the news are predisposed to liberal ideology. 

Todd Manzi

Todd Manzi is a media critic.

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