Todd Manzi

Posted March 17, 2006

In asking Jay Bennish — the Colorado teacher whose 20-minute socialist diatribe was taped by one of his students — whether or not he felt he was set up, Matt Lauer has set himself up for us, once again, to question his journalistic competence and his obvious liberal bias. 

Posted March 09, 2006

Apparently, it’s acceptable in the Cherry Creek School District for a geography teacher to use 20 minutes of class time for a left wing, fanatically whacko, socialist diatribe, providing he has made arrangements for Ann Coulter to tell the class what she thinks of communism.  Isn’t public education great?

Posted March 07, 2006

The Associated Press reached a new level of incompetence, and the "news" industry they serve doesn’t seem to care. If you want political opinion, you’ll find it in Associated Press dispatches. If you want news, you might have to read conservative opinion columns.

Posted March 02, 2006

A grieving mother of a soldier killed in Iraq wants to voice her opinion. She has a message about the war in Iraq and feels the American people need to hear what she has to say.

Posted January 17, 2006

What can we do about media bias?

Posted January 11, 2006

Consider three target audiences: passionate liberals, passionate conservatives and normal people who vote. Those of us who fall in one of the first two groups, battle for market share of the third group.

Posted January 05, 2006

Democrats like Senator Harry Reid understand—and manipulate—the bias of the mainstream media. They realize it is their most powerful political weapon, and they wield it with masterful skill.

Posted December 16, 2005

The position of Democrats seems to be that it is easier to hunt down and kill terrorists than it is to make a living flipping burgers.

Posted December 08, 2005

We know how important the will of the American people is regarding the war. Doesn’t the will of the terrorists matter also? If their cause looks lost, they will attack less. If they think they have a chance to win, they will attack more.