Tim Phillips

The biggest “tax” hits average Americans the hardest. Once the exchanges opened, Americans found that their average premiums had skyrocketed by 41 percent and their deductibles by 40 percent. That doesn’t mesh with Nancy Pelosi’s promise that “everybody will have lower rates” under Obamacare. It doesn’t even mesh with the “Affordable” in the law’s own name.

That lie was similar to the promise that Americans would get better coverage with their new Obamacare plans. Many ObamaCare-compliant plans actually limit patients’ access. Just ask some residents of New Hampshire, who must now drive for an hour or more to get to the nearest covered hospital, or Washingtonians, who have seen their access to Seattle’s Children’s Hospital severely limited.

All told, millions of Americans have been affected by these lies. Whether it’s lost hours, higher premiums, or lost plans, the personal stories are piling up. These stories—like Tom’s—are proof that Obamacare was built on a foundation of promises that could never be kept. But the President valued put a higher emphasis on politics than people—and that meant we couldn’t know the truth.