Tim Phillips

Asking for waivers isn’t a new phenomenon either. Back in 2011, when the law was still being created, many well-connected businesses asked and received waivers from Washington elites. A massive 20% of those businesses that received waivers were in Nancy Pelosi’s California district alone. Unlike lawmakers, they must have actually read the bill and found out what was in it.

The largest exemption though occurred over the Fourth of July weekend where all employers with more than 50 full-time employees were allowed to delay the implementation of ObamaCare until 2014. But the middle class, those ordinary citizens like you and I, get no relief as the Individual Mandate remains in effect.

That’s why Americans for Prosperity has created a new website called JustExempt.me for ordinary citizens to let Congress know that they too would like to be excluded from a law which isn’t good enough for members of Congress. We’ll also be holding events throughout the country at football games and community events to let people know that if Congress and special interests are exempted that we should be too!

With everyone in a position of power refusing to fix anything and instead just handing out “get out of ObamaCare free” cards, what can the average citizen do? We need to send a message to the elites and so called “champions of the middle class” in Washington and tell them that if they really cared about us and our economic viability as a nation, they will take the issue of ObamaCare seriously and repeal it.