Tim Phillips

Further, the Department of Health and Human Services, which has the unenviable task of implementing this behemoth, was forced to abandon the CLASS Act, which supposed to provide a significant amount of the promised deficit reduction. The intent of the CLASS Act was to allow working adults to buy insurance against potential future nursing home bills, and by collecting five years of premiums before paying anything out, the program allowed the administration to claim $80 billion in savings. But the likelihood that the program would collapse as mostly older people opted-in forced HHS to abandon the idea—and the supposed savings along with it

Remember the President’s promise that ObamaCare would protect Medicare? Not true. ObamaCare actually takes money from Medicare and Medicare Advantage to fund many of its new programs. According to the CMS Actuary to the Medicare Board of Trustees, ObamaCare didn’t even attempt to resolve $37 trillion in unfunded obligations and instead took nearly $716 billion out of the program. Instead of protecting Medicare and reforming the system, ObamaCare forces the program closer to insolvency, which hurts seniors and Americans who are planning to retire—that is, every single American who may need to rely on the program for their medical needs.

These are just a few of the most egregious broken promises of ObamaCare; there are many more. So tomorrow as you hear the jubilant left-wing media personalities talk about the benefits of ObamaCare, just remember that this “legislative accomplishment” is little more than a bureaucratic boondoggle that raises health care costs, hurts seniors and raises taxes on everyone while eliminating jobs. Happy 3rd Anniversary indeed!