Tim Phillips

In the face of such blatant political grandstanding, Speaker Boehner and the GOP House members deserve credit for the standing firm in the face of the President's campaign of threats and intimidation and insisting that the sequester cuts go into effect. If we are going to get job creation and economic prosperity moving again our nation must rein in government overspending that is crowding out private sector innovation and momentum.

The sequester battle is not over by any means. If and when job growth dips due to the President's big government economic policies he will undoubtedly blame the spending cuts for his own failures. We will have to remind our fellow Americans that the President has spent at levels unprecedented in American history for going on five years now without turning our economy around, and that cutting 2 cents on the dollar is hardly the reason for job losses.

This entire episode is important for another reason as well though. The Left is fond of using sweeping rhetoric, dire predictions, frightening threats and withering sarcasm in pursuit of their ideological goals. They do so with a combination of wonkish experts, Hollywood stars and pompous politicians. Their goal is to squelch dissent, end debate and demean opponents. Nowhere is this pattern more obvious than on the global warming front where environmental extremists perfected the art.

Yet, both the sequester battle and the successful defeat of cap-and-trade demonstrate that even in the face of a full-throated assault, conservatives can win when we stand on principle, organize relentlessly at the grassroots, aggressively and persuasively take our message to the American people, and finally 'win the victory' by after the fact holding our opponents accountable for their falsehoods and reminding our fellow citizens of the benefits of responsible policy choices.