Tim Phillips

Government bureaucracy is notorious for inefficiency. For anyone in doubt, last year the U.S. Office of Personnel Management continued to send $120 million in benefits checks to deceased federal employees. And of course, as everyone knows from the headlines earlier this year, there are the government organizations who organize lavish retreats and conferences on the taxpayer dime.

Even the vital defense department is not immune from wasteful spending. The Commission on Wartime Contracting informed Congress that wasteful and fraudulent contracting for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars alone accounted for anywhere from $31 billion to $60 billion.

While it was deeply disappointing to see Speaker Boehner and even Paul Ryan sign on for new tax increases and while we will aggressively oppose their efforts on this front, AFP does respect the Ryan Budget that the Speaker helped shepherd through the House for the last two years. Their budget does what President Obama and his liberal friends refuse to do. It reforms entitlement programs -- in effect saving Medicare and Medicaid by making them sustainable, more efficient and by giving actual choices to individual Americans.

Meanwhile, President Obama continues his venomous class warfare while demagoguing these honest GOP efforts to rein in entitlements.

President Obama addresses the spending problem in rhetoric only, and dismisses any substantive action on the problem. His primary focus is on an imagined mandate to raise taxes. On the contrary, nothing changed with the 2012 election; a few seats here and there, but there was no shift in the balance of power. In 2010, Americans overwhelmingly voted conservatives into a House majority, which remains in effect today. Now is the time for those members to follow through on their promise to the American people, and cut wasteful government spending.