Tim Phillips

That was the moment that the conservative movement became re-energized. Americans for Prosperity launched NoStimulus.com in February 2009, and with no paid advertising, over 500,000 Americans joined the site within days. Americans were awakening to a president who was dedicated to bloated government spending and was considerably more liberal than many had previously believed.

Then, in the spring, the President compounded the mistake with another disastrous policy decision -- to push for government-run health care. Again, the conservative movement was energized to unite and fight these policies. Various Republican factions in Congress were also united to oppose the President’s misguided, ideological views. They held strong for months, until in the end Democrats ramrodded Obama’s health care law through Congress.

Everyday Americans were caught in the middle as the young new president, who had promised a new way of governing, simply continued down a long and well-trod liberal trail. These Americans sided with conservatives against health care dictated by D.C. bureaucrats and showed their displeasure at the voting booth by electing an overwhelming conservative group of new legislators into Congress. Americans throughout the country realized that government adding trillions of dollars in new debt could never lead to prosperity.

Analysts and armchair politicos will have many theories about why Barack Obama has fallen so far in his first term. But it is his liberal, big spending policies that are leading to his undoing. The majority of his term has been basically ineffective because of these two major decisions as he chose his own ideology over the best interests of the county. His unwillingness to work with moderates, his unrelenting attack on business owners and his belief that taxes, not spending, is the problem does not sit well with Americans who are still struggling with high unemployment.

Conservatives and Republicans are still united today against these big government spending policies, and the fight is not over. With the lame duck session on the horizon and plans for massive taxes increases, it is just beginning.