Republicans will soon seek to defund the legislation, another bold stroke. Defunding the legislation may keep some of the provisions intact -- such as the ban on using pre-existing conditions to bar coverage -- but it will save the taxpayers nearly half a trillion dollars. In an era of massive deficits and debt, this moves us one step closer to balancing our budget.

The tax increases in the health care bill would be next. The specious claim that ObamaCare reduces the deficit rests upon the $770 billion in tax increases contained in the legislation. The opponents of the “vulnerable caucus” would love to have an up-or-down vote on $770 billion in tax hikes.

The list is endless. Forcing critical and timely votes on these provisions will help create a snowball effect, adding further pressure to the repeal movement. It may come in one fell swoop, or it may come in pieces. Either way, though, the cracks are showing.

Timothy Riley

Timothy Riley is a communications director specializing in health care issues in Washington, D.C.