Tim Chapman

Posted December 08, 2006

As the final hours of the 109th Congress wind down, a handful of Senate conservatives have taken it upon themselves to ensure that the final act of the Republican Congressional majority will not be the passage of a bunch of pork-laden spending bills.

Posted November 16, 2006

The House leadership elections have become ground zero for an intra-party debate about the future of the Republican Party and the broader conservative movement.

Posted November 03, 2006

How anyone who understands the English language could read the simple words uttered by John Kerry and conclude that this was a joke is hard to see.

Posted October 13, 2006

Most observers probably missed it, but President Bush and the Republicans in Congress scored a significant victory this week.

Posted October 06, 2006

If you believe most professional pundits, the Foley scandal has now sealed the GOP’s fate this fall and will lead to Democratic control of at least one (if not both) chambers of Congress. If that happens, many serious issues that deserve attention are likely to be ignored. One such issue is missile defense.

Posted September 22, 2006

The administration and the “Gang plus three” disagree over whether terrorists tried in military commissions should have access to the classified material used to prosecute them.

Posted September 15, 2006

Unfortunately, the partisan rancor is threatening to overshadow a very significant constitutional debate that will have a major impact on America’s ongoing ability to wage the war on terror.

Posted September 07, 2006

As they did five years ago, lawmakers will temporarily set aside partisanship to collectively acknowledge the gravity of the day.

Posted September 01, 2006

After being deluged with phone calls from the Porkbusting community, Stevens’ Senate office finally fessed up.

Posted August 24, 2006

President Bush and his GOP brethren in Congress have reason to celebrate this week. For the first time in what seems like a political eternity, their polling numbers are heading north.

Posted August 10, 2006

Six years ago Joe Lieberman was the darling of the Democratic Party.