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Gov. Huckabee’s success this presidential cycle sprung from phenomenal grassroots support that may well have cost Mitt Romney the nomination. Huckabee’s determination in staying in the race was redoubled because of rock-solid Evangelical support, perhaps reminiscent of the likely continued box office success of “Caspian” in the face of relentless hype over Harrison Ford’s return to the big screen.

Just as the mainstream media seemed to shame Huckabee out of the Republican race weeks ago, the Hollywood press corps hopes to bury “Prince Caspian” in a wave of lukewarm reviews and the relentless regurgitation of shallow box office numbers.

At the end of the day, however, Hollywood’s bias against Christian-themed movies like “Caspian” is not the fault of Harrison Ford any more than the mainstream media’s distaste for the religious right is the fault of John McCain.

On my radio show recently, Huckabee made clear once again that he would enthusiastically accept an offer to be McCain’s running mate this summer. He was preparing to embark on a 34-year anniversary cruise to Alaska with his wife, Janet. During a commercial break in our studio that afternoon our casual conversation turned to family. “Without my wife and kids,” he said, “I’d go crazy.”

Planning to see Harrison Ford on opening night that very evening, it dawned on me: The man who has so brilliantly brought Indiana Jones to life had gone through a divorce to settle down with a millionaire (Calista Flockhart) and, by golly, the senator from Arizona had done the same thing.

Maybe the success of the latest adventures of Indiana Jones bodes well for the success of McCain in the fall, but part of me longs for a Prince Caspian. Maybe for VP? Too bad Caspian (Ben Barnes) is foreign born. That’s a ticket I could get behind.

Thor Tolo

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