Thomas Sowell

 When environmentalists ban housing under the pretty name of "open space" laws, they say that it is to prevent "over-crowding." But such laws don't reduce the amount of crowding in the slightest. The crowding just takes place somewhere else. Black communities are among the somewhere elses.

 Other restriction promoted by environmental extremists cost jobs and drive up the cost of producing goods and services -- which is to say, they drive up the cost of living and make it harder to find jobs to pay for it.

 Green zealots go through life leaving havoc in their wake and feeling good about themselves as lofty idealists. Blacks are among the many people on whom the cost of their idealism falls -- and blacks are among those least able to afford it.

 What blacks can also least afford are liberal judges who turn criminals loose. Those criminals don't hang out where the judges live but many of them commit their crimes in black neighborhoods. Their presence also means higher costs of living, as local stores pass on the costs of theft, vandalism, and violence.

 Who appoints liberal judges? Conservatives? Not very likely. Look for lots more liberal judges if you elect a liberal President.

 That means judges who will turn more criminals loose and impose their own pet notions as "law," including gay marriage in all likelihood, with the net effect being more AIDS when the gay lifestyle is legitimized to the young.

 Political inertia is powerful, but the time is overdue for more black voters to look beyond the rhetoric and images to the realities that affect themselves and their children.

Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute and author of The Housing Boom and Bust.

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