Thomas Sowell

 You cannot defend this country with memories and rhetoric -- not in an age of international terrorism, which could become an age of nuclear terrorism in a very few years. 

 On the domestic front as well, Senator Kerry is hard at work creating an image that is the opposite of his record. His recent statement that he believes life begins at conception may create the impression among the unwary that his views on abortion are very different from what his voting record in the Senate plainly shows.

 Senator Kerry has not only voted consistently pro-abortion, he has even declared that he will vote against confirming any federal judge who is not in favor of abortion "rights." The issue is not what your position is on abortion. The issue is whether you want to be conned about a presidential candidate's record.

 The strenuous efforts of the Democratic convention and of the Kerry campaign in general to create an image that is the opposite of the reality tell us that they know where he is weakest -- and that they think the voters are fools enough to elect an image without bothering to check out the reality.

 The unending parade of personal "human interest" stories that are being featured at the Democratic convention are a further distraction from the party's record on the issues and a further insult to the voters' intelligence.

 What any of these people's personal lives are like is none of my business. My business as a voter is to know what Senator Kerry has been doing during two decades in politics, since that is the truest indicator of what he would do as President.

Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute and author of The Housing Boom and Bust.

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