Thomas Sowell

 None of this is peculiar to people from Mexico. There are people here from the Middle East who demand rights that they never had in their native countries, but who take on no corresponding obligation of loyalty to America. Instead, many teach hatred of those Americans who were born here who happen to be Jewish.

 Our tolerance has led to importing intolerance.

 American citizenship is no longer prized as it once was. Indeed, it is no longer necessary for living permanently in the United States. In California, illegal immigrants not only go to the state universities, they pay lower tuition than American students who are from other states.

 Both legal and illegal immigrants who don't feel like bothering to learn the language used by the American people will have government agencies and private institutions alike provide them with information in their own languages.

 The argument that immigrants "take jobs that other Americans don't want" leaves out the crucial factor of pay. If legal or illegal immigrants came here and worked as journalists or college professors at half the pay that American journalists or college professors receive, the intelligentsia would probably have no trouble seeing the fallacy in what they are saying.

 One of the reasons many Americans will not take many low-paying or arduous jobs is that the welfare state makes it unnecessary for them to do so. But get those Americans off the gravy train, and take away employers' supply of cheap foreign labor, and Americans would resume doing jobs that they did for centuries.

 More important, we would no longer be importing so many people who don't want to be Americans.

Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute and author of The Housing Boom and Bust.

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