Thomas Sowell

 Whether you are for or against this, you ought to know what you are for or against. But there are newspapers, TV programs, and whole networks that you could watch for years without ever finding out.

 They have decided what you can be allowed to know. That is the real problem of media bias. If they report the news straight and let you make up your own mind, then what the journalists themselves do in the voting booth on election day is their own business.

 The partial birth abortion issue is just one of those issues in which major parts of the media filter out facts that might lead you to take a position different from the one the journalists have.

 When a white racist commits an atrocity against some black person, that is headline news across the country. But when a black racist does exactly the same thing to some white person, that is not likely to get the same publicity, if it is reported at all.

 The liberal view that white racism is a major problem and a major explanation for other social problems is not allowed to be undermined by news which might suggest that racism is a curse of the whole human species. You cannot even assess where this racism is worse when only one kind of it is reported by much of the media.

 Similarly, atrocities committed against homosexuals are big news but atrocities committed by homosexuals, including atrocities against children, are unlikely to see the light of day in much of the media. Neither is any statistical information on how homosexuals differ from the general population in life span, diseases or costs to the taxpayers for dealing with their diseases.

 Filtering and spinning are not reporting. The public has a right to know that, but that right is too often aborted.

Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute and author of The Housing Boom and Bust.

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