Thomas Sowell

 Now, more than 16 months after the baby's death, Angelo's father has been convicted of having literally shaken him to death. Incidentally, there were experts who testified on the father's behalf at the trial, one of whom gave testimony that contradicted what he himself had written in a book. This expert had never seen little Angelo, dead or alive.

 The time is long overdue for us to stop pretending to know things that nobody knows -- not even people with impressive letters in front of their names or behind their names. Whether these experts are simply cynical guns for hire or really believe their own theories and rhetoric is beside the point. Unsubstantiated theories are no foundation for risking the lives of the helpless.

 How anyone could break the bones of a newborn baby is something that people may speculate about. But to claim to know how to turn such parents into decent human beings is reckless. And to risk a baby's life on such speculation is criminal.

 It is too bad that only one man will go to jail for this crime. There ought to be room in a cell somewhere for the social workers and their bosses who made this murder possible in the face of blatant evidence about the dangers that an infant could see, even if the responsible adults refused to see.

 The pretense of knowledge allows judges, social workers, and others to "do something" by sending people to "training" in "parenting skills" and other psychobabble with no track record of success. And it allows children like little Angelo to be killed.

Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute and author of The Housing Boom and Bust.

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