Thomas Sowell

An organization exists to promote some particular principle or to serve some specific purpose or constituency. For an organization to be all-inclusive would be a contradiction in terms.

It is curious to have someone send you a bill with a zero balance. Once I received such a bill, along with a threat to take legal action if I didn't pay it! The company later explained that it was a computer error.

What the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan called "defining deviancy downward" is all too apparent in the choice of words used in the media. Illegal aliens have long since been called "undocumented" immigrants. Rioters have been re-christened "demonstrators." Now Palestinian terrorists have been redefined as "militants."

Do people on the left ever wonder why we do not suffer the poverty of India, the oppression of North Korea, the anarchy of Liberia, the slaughters of Rwanda, etc., etc.? Would it ever occur to them that it might have anything to do with those very values and traditions which they are striving so hard to undermine or dismantle?

No matter how old I get or how sophisticated I think I have become, I still find it hard to deal with betrayal.

Are you one of that small number of people who would just as soon let a jury decide the guilt or innocence of Scott Peterson and Kobe Bryant, instead of seeing the media try these cases around the clock, day after day?

I wonder whatever happened to: Raphael Perez, Marjorie Love, "Sergeant Major" Hansberry, and Yolande Brower.

Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute and author of The Housing Boom and Bust.

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