Thomas Sowell

I don't know whether the new electronic camera for calling balls and strikes is better or worse than the umpires, or how much it will improve over time. But I do know that it was not just a bolt from the blue.

Neither were the restrictions put on judges who seemed hell-bent to let murderers roam the streets again or tests for schools where students are treated as a captive audience to be propagandized with political correctness or as guinea pigs to be experimented with to try out the latest fads.

We the public have been far too trusting and gullible when it comes to putting arbitrary powers in the hands of people who are not accountable to anyone.

One group that has not yet been reined in are social workers, who have wreaked havoc in the lives of children, whether by ripping them out of their homes because of unsubstantiated accusations by anonymous informants or by putting them back into homes where they have already been abused -- and where some have subsequently been killed.

Like teachers, social workers indulge themselves in all sorts of unsubstantiated notions which turn into dogmas when their establishment refuses to test these notions against evidence. Dogmas about teaching "parenting skills" or "anger management" can cost children their lives.

Accountability may be old-fashioned but it is not obsolete. It is our only hope when there are headstrong people with power.

Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute and author of The Housing Boom and Bust.

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