Thomas Sowell

Staying away from the polls in disappointment is not going to do that. That can only enhance the power of the likes of Ted Kennedy, Pat Leahy and Hillary Clinton.

The September 11 terrorist attacks confronted President Bush with a situation where he could rise to the challenge without being dependent on a congressional majority. Now, with his strong support from the American people, as a result of the way he has handled himself and handled the war on terrorism, all he needs is a Congress that can forward his agenda, at home and abroad.

To the extent that disgruntled conservatives stay home out of disappointment with the Bush record thus far, they threaten to give power to liberal Democrats. The arrogance with which the Senate Democrats are stonewalling and savaging judicial nominees when they have only a one-vote majority is just a foretaste of what to expect if they win control of both houses of Congress.

Do conservatives want to see the federal courts loaded down with liberal judges who will be turning more criminals loose, imposing racial quotas, and in general disregarding the law, in favor of the political agenda of the left? Those could be the only kinds of judges who can get confirmed if the Democrats hold on to control of the Senate.

Both conservatives and liberals can only make their choices among alternatives actually available. Will unhappy conservatives recognize that before they decide to stay home on Election Day? President Bush needs to be dealt a better hand. He has already gotten about as much as he can get out of the one he has.

Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute and author of The Housing Boom and Bust.

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