Thomas P. Kilgannon

Posted March 09, 2011

Barack Obama’s already poor relationship with the British is about to get worse.

Posted February 05, 2007

I suppose its still too early to put new UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in the same underclass as Kofi Annan. Kofi was as anti-American as they come, but the new UN boss is showing symptoms of AAD – American Appreciation Disorder – which afflicts most of the bureaucracy at Turtle Bay.

Posted January 16, 2007

John Kerry may have been defeated in the 2004 presidential contest, but his "Global Test" doctrine – which states that America's national security must be administered by the United Nations – lives on.

Posted October 02, 2006

It looks as though South Korea's Ban-Ki Moon may be on his way to the 38th floor of the UN building in New York to preside over the international body of anti-American misfits. But Ban shouldn’t fumigate Kofi's office just yet.

Posted September 22, 2006

The race to succeed Kofi Annan as the UN's next Secretary-General is getting more attention.

Posted September 18, 2006

Iran is right at home in the United Nations with the other malcontents who infest the international enclave on Manhattan's East Side.

Posted August 19, 2006

What the fight over John Bolton is really about is the amount of authority the competing interests in Washington are willing to give the United Nations.

Posted May 18, 2006

Eleanor Roosevelt's dream of a global institution that values personal dignity and individual freedom suffered another setback at the United Nations this week.

Posted April 08, 2006

The administration's belief that the UN can do better is rooted more in optimism than in reality.