Thaddeus McCotter

Only hours before the lunatic Ahmadinejad took the stage and accused the United States of perpetrating the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks upon itself, President Obama addressed the UN General Assembly from the same dais. With the eyes of the world upon him, Obama should have issued a new manifesto that declared: (1) Iran will not be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon; (2) Admadinejad and other members of his illegitimate regime will be barred from entering the United States; (3) the United States will not pay its UN dues unless and until the UN removes Iran from its Commission on the Status of Women; (4) funding for Radio Farda and other democracy building programs will be doubled; (5) sanctions to deter companies from investing in Iran’s energy sector will be vigorously enforced and Column 2 tariff rates will be placed on Iran’s remaining exports to the United States; and, (6) the Global Online Freedom Act will be enacted to prevent American companies from assisting the Iranian regime’s efforts to monitor and censor its people on the internet.

Forgetting the lessons of past appeasement, some Americans claim human rights abuses, while tragic, are not our responsibility or a matter of vital national interest. They are wrong. May they remember the lessons offered us by the victims of another evil regime's brutal repression of their fellow human beings’ God-given right to liberty. Soviet dissident and gulag prisoner Natan Sharansky warned: “How a government treats its own people cannot be separated from how that government could be expected to treat other countries.” The Ahmadinejad regime's treatment of Iranian citizens is what the world can expect if Iran wields a nuclear weapon; and America forgets that in bringing freedom to the oppressed, we ensure freedom for ourselves.

Thaddeus McCotter

A life-long resident of southeast Michigan, U.S. Representative Thaddeus McCotter was first elected to Congress in 2002 to represent the citizens of Western Oakland and Western Wayne Counties.

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