Terry Paulson

Posted February 23, 2015

In light of the fact that capitalism and free enterprise are often attacked for being mean, unfair, and even unchristian, can you name one non-capitalistic country where the poor have a higher standard of living and greater opportunity than America?

Posted February 09, 2015

Some might ask, How can caring conservatives fight minimum wage, higher taxes on the rich, or more tax credits and government benefits for the less fortunate? Unfortunately, what often sounds and feels good doesnt produce the desired results of more jobs, higher standards of living for the middle class, more successful entrepreneurs, and less chronic poverty.

Posted January 26, 2015

President Obamas State of the Union was a bridge to nowhere.

Posted January 12, 2015

On January 7th, freedom was attacked. Three Islamic terrorists stormed the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdos office in Paris, killing 10 newspaper staffers and two police officers. As they stalked the office, the terrorists shouted the Prophet has been avenged and Allah akbar! These terrorists directly attacked free speech and the free press.

Posted December 29, 2014

One of Americas founding principles is on every coinE Pluribus Unum. Out of many, were one.

Posted December 15, 2014

In the Spirit of the Christmas, we remember that answers sometimes come in seemingly insignificant beginnings.

Posted December 01, 2014

Thankfully, America has prospered through the ups and downs of our inspiring history because of our God-given rights, the character and innovation of our people, and the restraints and freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution.

Posted November 17, 2014

The majority of voting Americans were not pleased with the America the Obama administration has created. Americans weren't anti-incumbent; it was Democrat incumbents who felt the wave of voter anger.

Posted November 03, 2014

Are you looking for help in deciding how to vote? Try voting for the team that shares your dominant political values. Turn off the drone of 30 second attack ads and think team.

Posted October 20, 2014

There was a time in America when people were reluctant to take charity and were embarrassed to be dependent on the state.

Posted October 06, 2014

Liberals keep trying to transform America to "level the playing field" and close the gap between the rich and the poor. They fail to appreciate that its Americas free-enterprise system they detest that established the freedoms and built the economic opportunities they now enjoy.

Posted September 22, 2014

Ronald Reagan would dish out criticism of Democrats during the day, but after 6 PM, the politics would stop, and you could find him swapping stories and laughing with the Speaker of the House Tip ONeill, the old-time Democratic politician from Massachusetts.

Posted September 12, 2014

From beheadings in the Middle East to spousal abuse in elevators, from wars collateral damage in Gaza to the extreme response of police officers, replays of these harsh realities assault our senses and trigger strong emotional reactions.

Posted September 08, 2014

For most Americans it seems that its not the policies, principles and party that makes the difference in their vote. Its the president.

Posted August 25, 2014

As coverage of the racial crisis [in Ferguson] continues, I'm saddened by how far we've strayed from the values that have made America what it is. One such core American value is E Pluribus Unumout of many one. From our beginning, out of the mix of races and cultures our melting pot has worked to forge one people. We've called ourselves Americans. We may celebrate our unique nationalities, but we're still Americans first.

Posted August 11, 2014

This week I had the honor of speaking to the docents at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. They're the guides and the hosts who bring Ronald Reagan to life for a new generation of Americans. Many who visit weren't alive or paying attention when his administration brought America back from the cultural malaise and economic recession that threatened the future of our country.

Posted August 08, 2014

Neither Maliki or the Obama administration have been willing to provide much needed ammunition and weapons to the Kurdish fighters.

Posted August 05, 2014

This week President Obama is hosting an Africa Summit in Washington. Fifty heads of state are coming together to focus on security and development. But the president's dreams of leaving a legacy of democracy building and economic development have been consistently frustrated.

Posted August 02, 2014

?In the classic comedy, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," the daughter Toula complains to her mother about her stubborn father being the "head of the house," Maria replied, "Let me tell you something, Toula. The man is the head, but the woman is the neck. And she can turn the head any way she wants."

Posted July 29, 2014

The Middle East is again embroiled in turmoil, and Israel, our only democratic ally in the region, has been under a relentless missile attack even as they take the offensive