Terry Paulson

Posted October 20, 2014

There was a time in America when people were reluctant to take charity and were embarrassed to be dependent on the state.

Posted October 06, 2014

Liberals keep trying to transform America to "level the playing field" and close the gap between the rich and the poor. They fail to appreciate that its Americas free-enterprise system they detest that established the freedoms and built the economic opportunities they now enjoy.

Posted September 22, 2014

Ronald Reagan would dish out criticism of Democrats during the day, but after 6 PM, the politics would stop, and you could find him swapping stories and laughing with the Speaker of the House Tip ONeill, the old-time Democratic politician from Massachusetts.

Posted September 12, 2014

From beheadings in the Middle East to spousal abuse in elevators, from wars collateral damage in Gaza to the extreme response of police officers, replays of these harsh realities assault our senses and trigger strong emotional reactions.

Posted September 08, 2014

For most Americans it seems that its not the policies, principles and party that makes the difference in their vote. Its the president.

Posted August 25, 2014

As coverage of the racial crisis [in Ferguson] continues, I'm saddened by how far we've strayed from the values that have made America what it is. One such core American value is E Pluribus Unumout of many one. From our beginning, out of the mix of races and cultures our melting pot has worked to forge one people. We've called ourselves Americans. We may celebrate our unique nationalities, but we're still Americans first.

Posted August 11, 2014

This week I had the honor of speaking to the docents at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. They're the guides and the hosts who bring Ronald Reagan to life for a new generation of Americans. Many who visit weren't alive or paying attention when his administration brought America back from the cultural malaise and economic recession that threatened the future of our country.

Posted August 08, 2014

Neither Maliki or the Obama administration have been willing to provide much needed ammunition and weapons to the Kurdish fighters.

Posted August 05, 2014

This week President Obama is hosting an Africa Summit in Washington. Fifty heads of state are coming together to focus on security and development. But the president's dreams of leaving a legacy of democracy building and economic development have been consistently frustrated.

Posted August 02, 2014

?In the classic comedy, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," the daughter Toula complains to her mother about her stubborn father being the "head of the house," Maria replied, "Let me tell you something, Toula. The man is the head, but the woman is the neck. And she can turn the head any way she wants."

Posted July 29, 2014

The Middle East is again embroiled in turmoil, and Israel, our only democratic ally in the region, has been under a relentless missile attack even as they take the offensive

Posted July 14, 2014

What would you say to the Founding Fathers who gathered in Philadelphia to craft the Declaration of Independence knowing that it would mean war with England?

Posted June 30, 2014

?In Oh, God, that engaging and thought-provoking comedy, John Denver played the part of a grocery store manager who was visited by God in the form of George Burns, as a senior citizen with an attitude. His mission was to change the world.

Posted June 16, 2014

On June 14th, I had the privilege of speaking to the local Veterans of Foreign Wars' Flag Day commemoration.

Posted June 02, 2014

The sense's ability to discriminate differences serves us daily; it saves lives. When approaching an intersection, the color of the traffic light lets you know whether to stop or continue. Whether you admit it or not, your ability to discriminate differences between people you encounter can also serve you well. In its extreme, discrimination of difference has also resulted in bigotry and the holocaust that killed millions.

Posted May 19, 2014

Hillary Clinton shouting "What difference does it make?" over the Benghazi talking points or Sarah Palin stating that "waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists" show how quickly one comment can set off predictable stampedes of offended reactions on either side of our political divide.

Posted May 05, 2014

Just what deserves coverage in the mainline media today? The hateful words of Clippers owner Donald Sterling and the courageous stand by NBA players and the NBA commissioner Adam Silver are top of mind on every channel. Let's add coverage of the deadly tornadoes and developments in Ukraine. But what of the new evidence of the Obama administration's involvement in a Benghazi cover-up? What cover-up you ask?

Posted April 21, 2014

Since President Johnson launched the war on poverty, government has spent trillions, poverty remains, and more and more Americans are increasingly dependent on government support.

Posted April 07, 2014

You could blame having to work hard on Adam and Eve for getting kicked out of the Garden of Eden. If the Bible's not your thing, blame Darwin who established the compassionless truth that life is about the survival of the fittest. Whatever the cause, life has never been easy.

Posted March 24, 2014

When some blame the GOP for being a "Do Nothing" Congress," they might first look at the hundreds of laws passed by the House that the Democrat-controlled-Senate refuses to even consider.