Terry Paulson

Investor's Business Daily also examined state business friendliness rankings from Forbes, CNBC, the George Mason University's Mercatus Center, the Tax Foundation and Chief Executive magazine. Taking into account measures on tax rates, regulations, tort reform and the size of the state government, IBD found that states that ranked in the top 10 in two or more of those lists had nearly twice the job growth rate of those showing up in the bottom 10 in two or more rankings. Top-ranked states also had an unemployment rate almost a full percentage point below the least business friendly states.

Jason Sorens, co-author of the Mercatus 50-state ranking study, asserts: "We can take lessons we learn from states and apply them nationally. If keeping taxes, spending and regulations low and reasonable promotes growth in states, we should expect that same relationship to hold nationally."

Yes, the global economy is struggling and uncertain. Credit is hard to secure, but the worse things get, the more entrepreneurial opportunities abound to solve problems. Creating value is nothing more than solving problems to the point that someone is happy to trade money for your solution. That transfer from a willing buyer and willing seller is the ultimate expression of economic freedom. This system works far better than any plan instituted by state or federal politicians.

President Obama's "hope and change" plans for America are not working in the states that keep trying to use them. His version of hope and change has never worked anywhere. Stop over-regulating, over-taxing, and over-controlling our every move.

If we give Mitt Romney the keys to the White House, he should begin undoing what has been done to stifle and penalize those Americans who know how to make our economy work! I challenge you to seize every day between now and the November election to do everything in your power to bring sanity, our sacred freedoms, and sound American economic principles back to Washington and every state capital.

Terry Paulson

Terry Paulson, PhD is a psychologist, award-winning professional speaker, author of The Optimism Advantage: 50 Simple Truths to Transform Your Attitudes and Actions into Results, and long-time columnist for the Ventura County Star.

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