Terry Paulson

Consensus is not agreement; consensus is achieved when those who disagree have been fully heard and their insights considered and tested for value. Democrats keep saying Republicans haven't shared any positive ideas, but it is more accurate to say that they haven't presented plans liberals or their constituencies like. Democrats have blocked votes on Republican amendments and refused to let their bills be voted on. There is agreement on the need to deal with the healthcare coverage problem; it is too important a change to not have a more bipartisan solution.

Mr. President, you said that you were going to have to earn your Nobel Peace Prize. Start by earning it here in our own country! Work for a truly bipartisan plan that might actually make a difference in the healthcare challenge we face. Risk really leading instead of just pleasing your partisan interest groups and calling it hope and change!

Terry Paulson

Terry Paulson, PhD is a psychologist, award-winning professional speaker, author of The Optimism Advantage: 50 Simple Truths to Transform Your Attitudes and Actions into Results, and long-time columnist for the Ventura County Star.

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