Terry Jeffrey

Traditionally, Western civilization has recognized that a basic moral fact is inextricably tied to this basic biological one: The mother and father who conceive a child have a moral responsibility to care for that child and see that child through to adulthood. Indeed, they have a moral responsibility to fulfill the duties of parents throughout their lives.

Inevitably, this pattern is sometimes interrupted by tragedy -- e.g. a parent dies -- or moral failings -- e.g. one or both parents abandon, or are otherwise incapable of carrying out, their parental responsibilities.

But in the vision of same-sex marriage advocates, the government will now sanction the deliberate obstruction of the family structure from the outside.

For two men in a same-sex marriage to gain custody of a child, they must somehow physically and legally get that child from its mother.

On July 6, the New York Times ran a story -- headlined "Coming to U.S. for a Baby, and Womb to Carry It" -- describing one of the ways this is currently happening.

"Other than the United States, only a few countries--among them India, Thailand, Ukraine and Mexico -- allow paid surrogacy," the Times reported.

"As a result," the Times said, "there is an increasing flow in the opposite direction, with the United States drawing affluent couples from Europe, Asia and Australia. Indeed, many large surrogacy agencies in the United States say international clients --gay, straight, married or single -- provide the bulk of their business.

"The traffic," said the Times, "highlights a divide between the United States and much of the world over fundamental questions about what constitutes a family, who is considered a legal parent, who is eligible for citizenship and whether paid childbirth is a service or exploitation."

Here a mother is reduced to a human mule. She carries a child she is legally required to surrender into the custody of the person who has paid to use her body -- if not her soul.

The baby is never consulted. He or she, in the course of this transaction, is merely a commodity.

Terry Jeffrey

Terence P. Jeffrey is the editor-in-chief of CNSNews

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