Terry Jeffrey

In its request for the Supreme Court to take up the Green's case, Obama's Justice Department candidly explained that the administration had always intended for the contraception mandate to eventually entrap virtually all health care plans, even those that were "grandfathered" at the time Obamacare was enacted.

"A grandfathered plan is one that was in existence on March 23, 2010 and has not undergone any of a defined set of changes," the administration told the court. "The government estimates that by 2013, a majority of group health plans will lose their grandfathered status."

"The acts grandfathering provision, however, does not effect a permanent exemption," the administration told the court, "instead, it is transitional in effect (applying to a variety of the act provisions, not just the preventive-services coverage requirement) and is intended to minimize disruption to existing coverage as the affordable care act is implemented."

In other words, this "transitional" grandfathering provision helped cover up Obama's lie that people could keep their plan if they liked it -- until 2013.

Or: Until after Obama had to stand for re-election in 2012.

In his first press conference as president in 1981, Ronald Reagan, who would lead the West to victory in the Cold War, startled the liberal press when he accurately described the mendacity of the leaders of the Soviet Union, who were seeking a "one-world socialist or communist state."

They "have openly and publicly declared that the only morality they recognize is what will further their cause," said Reagan, "meaning they reserve unto themselves the right to commit any crime, to lie, to cheat, in order to attain that, and that is moral, not immoral.

"And we operate on a different set of standards," Reagan said.

Not anymore.

Terry Jeffrey

Terence P. Jeffrey is the editor-in-chief of CNSNews

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