Terry Jeffrey

When I eventually tugged him down the street and away from that corner, he kept pivoting his body so he could keep his eyes and his growl targeted at those hideous skulls.

Eventually, a turn in the road and intervening houses blocked our line of sight back to the place. Champ returned to his normal, happy strutting self.

We walked by many other Halloween displays that night. There was a cartoonish skull about 5 feet high with its eyes spinning in its head, a massive ball with a fan inside that forced what looked like little bats around an internal moon, and many jack-o'-lanterns and even effigies of witches riding on their brooms.

Champ paid them no more attention than he would a red fox or retreating raccoon.

The next night, Champ again stopped and growled in deadly earnest at the ghoulish skulls. By the third or fourth night, he took notice of their presence as he walked by but no longer bothered to growl. Soon he was walking by those ugly green-lit faces of death as if they were just another part of his dominion.

Champ's dominion might as well be America, and his reaction that first night was right. There are those in this nation who would like us to become accustomed to ugly and evil things, to things that reject and deny the truth and beauty of the natural order -- the way God made things.

Resist them forever.

Terry Jeffrey

Terence P. Jeffrey is the editor-in-chief of CNSNews

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