Terry Jeffrey

Obama says to Boehner: I want funding for Planned Parenthood and for implementation of my health care plan. Boehner says to Obama: nope, not a penny for either one.

Obama to Boehner: Are you saying you're ready to shut down the government over funding for Planned Parenthood and implantation of my health care plan?

Boehner to Obama: No, Mr. President, the House is ready to send Sen. Reid legislation that funds the government and keeps it running, but helps trim our $1.2 trillion deficit by cutting funding for Planned Parenthood and implementation of your health care plan. If you and Sen. Reid refuse to approve that legislation because maintaining funding for the nation's largest abortion provider and for your big-government health care plan is more important to you than keeping the rest of the government running, that is your choice. But the House will not be funding Planned Parenthood or your health care plan -- under any circumstances.

Boehner did not say that, of course, and the deal he cut with Obama allows funding for Planned Parenthood and implementation of Obamacare.

As with Planned Parenthood, the Senate will hold a face-saving vote on a stand-alone bill to repeal the health care law. But Reid allowed that one, too, because he knows Senate Democrats can prevent it from passing -- and, even if it did pass the Senate, Obama could veto it without having to shut down many other government functions as a consequence.

The Republican leaders in Congress now say they are turning to bigger things than the cuts they did not win in the Boehner-Obama deal. They will now play for trillions in cuts instead of billions.

But why would Obama say anything but "nope" to those, too, when the fiscal year ends on Sept. 30? Will Republicans then force him to choose between shutting down the government or reforming Medicaid?

Or will they wait until 2013, hoping the economy does not crash before then, or that China and Japan do not before that time stop buying a chunk of the massive debt the Treasury must market every month? Do they hope that in February or March of 2013 they might be able to get Senate cloture votes for dramatic reforms?

What will come first? Republicans ready to play hardball with Obama and Reid or a hard crash for the American economy?

Meanwhile, if it maintains its 2009 pace, federally funded Planned Parenthood will terminate the lives of 910 babies per day.

Terry Jeffrey

Terence P. Jeffrey is the editor-in-chief of CNSNews

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