Terry Jeffrey

"Children raised by gay or lesbian parents are as likely as children raised by heterosexual parents to be healthy, successful and well-adjusted," he wrote in finding of fact No. 70. "The research supporting this conclusion is accepted beyond serious debate in the field of developmental psychology."

(In fact, the very brochure from the American Psychological Association that Judge Walker cited as evidence for this claim states: "Few studies are available regarding children of gay fathers.")

The judge also approvingly pointed to California laws that prohibit that state from preferring that a child have a mother and a father as opposed to two fathers.

"California law permits and encourages gays and lesbians to become parents through adoption, foster parenting or assistive reproductive technology," he wrote in finding of fact No. 49.

California Attorney General Jerry Brown, he approvingly noted, "admits that California law protects the right of gay men and lesbians in same-sex relationships to be foster parents and to adopt children by forbidding discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation."

Concomitant with Judge Walker's "right" to marry comes the right of two men to contract with someone to conceive a child for them through "assistive reproductive technology," engage a woman to gestate that child for them in her womb, and then take custody of that child once the umbilical cord can be snipped.

Whose God-given inalienable right is violated here?

Does a child have a right to be conceived and raised by a mother and a father? Or do two men have a right to hire a technician to secure an ovum for them, unite it with a sperm in some laboratory, and implant the child so conceived in a woman treated not as a mother but as a gestational mule?

There is no doubt what "the laws of nature" say: A man cannot conceive a child by another man.

In the same place that God said "you shall not kill" and "you shall not steal," he also said, "Honor your father and mother."

Judge Walker takes a different view. "Religious beliefs that gay and lesbian relationships are sinful or inferior to heterosexual relationships harm gays and lesbians," he wrote in finding of fact No. 77. To support this view, he disapprovingly pointed to teachings of the Southern Baptist, Evangelical Presbyterian, Free Methodist, Lutheran-Missouri Synod, Orthodox and Catholic churches.

The Founding Fathers understood the laws of nature, the Ten Commandments, the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution to be wholly consistent with one another. Judge Walker and the same-sex marriage movement have declared war on them all.

Terry Jeffrey

Terence P. Jeffrey is the editor-in-chief of CNSNews

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