Terry Jeffrey

And that is before the system evolves into a single-payer system, which it inevitably will, as insurance companies discover they cannot deliver the benefits the government demands at the price the government will pay, and as individuals who make too much to qualify for a government subsidy discover they earn too little to buy the plan the government insists they must.

"What we need is less government and a vigorous reintroduction of market forces into the medical industry," writes Hannity.

"Conservative Victory" is a gutsy book that pulls no punches in defining the threat that Barack Obama's agenda poses to American freedom. But it also makes a powerful case for the counter-agenda needed to take our country back. That agenda is old-fashioned, unapologetic Ronald Reagan conservatism -- a conservatism that stands for free enterprise, traditional morality and peace through strength.

"Our free-market system is the reason that American prosperity has outshined that of every other free nation in history," writes Hannity. "The time is ripe for conservatives to make their case -- not just a rejection of Obama socialism, but a reinvigoration of free-market capitalism."

"Conservatives, being God-fearing at their core, are committed to protect the sanctity of human life," he writes. "We support the concept of traditional marriage, between one man and one woman, as one of the essential institutions of a stable, ordered society."

"It was Ronald Reagan's steadfast insistence on SDI at Reykjavik, against the hysterical hand-wringing of nuclear-freeze liberals, that eventually forced Mikhail Gorbachev to capitulate in the Cold War," he writes. "We won not by surrendering but by protecting our interests and our principles from a position of strength."

"The true key to conservative victory," writes Hannity, "is to stay true to conservative principles; to convey the message clearly and powerfully; and to refuse to let liberals distort what we stand for and what is in our hearts."


Terry Jeffrey

Terence P. Jeffrey is the editor-in-chief of CNSNews

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