Terry Jeffrey

One "measure" of whether DHS is achieving this goal, the DHS report says, is "land border apprehension rates for major violations."

In fiscal year 2008, says the DHS report, the department set a goal of apprehending 35 percent of the major violations at border ports of entry. The report estimates that DHS actually apprehended only 28.9 percent. Approximately 71.1 percent of "major violations" got through.

Had DHS met its goal, 65 percent of major violations would have gotten through.

In fiscal 2009, DHS's goal is to apprehend only 28 percent of the major violations at border ports entry. For fiscal 2010, which begins next month, DHS has set a goal of apprehending 29 percent of the major violations.

That means that next year -- if DHS actually achieves its goal -- 71 percent of major violators presenting themselves at U.S. border ports will be allowed to enter the United States undetected.

Before President Obama closes the Guantanamo Bay prison where we keep the terrorists we do capture, perhaps he should secure the ports of entry at our border where a terrorist has about a 70 percent chance of escaping capture.

Terry Jeffrey

Terence P. Jeffrey is the editor-in-chief of CNSNews

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