Terry Jeffrey

Some politicians, of course, are tempted to do just that. Some would have government pick the winners and losers in America life, and some -- seeing our free society as too rough and risky -- think they can create a better nation where no one ever loses.

The former are like referees who take it upon themselves to determine the outcome of the game -- regardless of the score. These politicians would arrange it so certain Americans would never be allowed to fail in their businesses while all other Americans would be forced to downsize or forego their dreams to cover the favored ones' losses.

The latter would put America in a prevent defense. They do not believe the role of government is to protect liberty while letting individuals freely pursue whatever opportunities inspire them. They believe the role of government is to prevent people from lacking food, housing and health care by having government guarantee food, housing and health care. In football, the prevent defense leads to surrendered yardage. In government, it leads to surrendered freedom.

There is only one way a football-loving people can deal with politicians who would rather fix the game than enforce old rules that are tried and true: Boo them off the field.

Terry Jeffrey

Terence P. Jeffrey is the editor-in-chief of CNSNews

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