Terry Jeffrey

"Members of the group had ties to Lashkar-e-Taiba, the military wing of a Pakistani organization initially founded to conduct jihad against Russians in Afghanistan," said Duncan.

"One member of the paintball group, Mr. Hamdi, openly discussed wanting to go to fight in Kashmir and ultimately die as a martyr in combat. Hamdi traveled to Pakistan in August 2000 and was admitted to the LET camps," wrote the judge. "While there, he fired on Indian positions in Kashmir. Upon his return, he rejoined the paintball group and informed the others about LET's mission to destroy India, Israel and the United States."

In the summer of 2001, Chapman traveled to LET camps in Pakistan. Then came the attacks of Sept. 11.

"That night, Timimi argued that the attacks should not be condemned," wrote the judge. "He was thereafter not invited to lecture at Dar al Arqam, and tapes of his speeches were destroyed. However, on Sept. 16, 2001, Timimi met with the paintball group, including Khan and Hammad, at a member's house. Timimi said that the Sept. 11 attacks were justified and that it was the obligatory religious duty of those present to defend the Taliban against the American troops that were expected to invade Afghanistan in pursuit of al-Qaida. The discussion focused on training at the LET camps as necessary preparation to fight with the Taliban against the United States. Several of the members, including Khan, expressed their intent to train at the LET camps and to fight in Afghanistan after their training was complete. For purposes of their travel, they agreed that Khan would be their 'emir,' or leader."

Khan then traveled to Pakistan, where he trained at LET camps for about six weeks, according to Duncan.

"The evidence reflects that LET broadly disseminated its goals for the destruction of India, America and Israel on its Website and elsewhere," she said.

In upholding Chapman's conviction for "conspiracy to violate the Neutrality Act" by aiding military action against a nation with whom the United States was at peace, Duncan wrote: "The record contains evidence that Chapman continued to provide support to two members of the group who expressly acknowledged going to Pakistan and firing on Indian troops while there. Sufficient evidence, therefore, supports the district court's findings and, accordingly, the conspiracy conviction."

Jihadists allied with LET trained in the suburbs of our capital city. The outgoing administration deserves credit for the vigilance it showed in catching and convicting them. Will the incoming administration show equal vigilance?

Terry Jeffrey

Terence P. Jeffrey is the editor-in-chief of CNSNews

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