Terry Jeffrey

These people are not being lovingly removed to cozy human zoos.

"Evictions in Beijing often involve the complete demolition of poor people's houses," says the report. "In Beijing, and in China more generally, the process of demolition and eviction is characterized by arbitrariness and lack of due process. Courts often refuse to hear cases concerning forced evictions because of pressure on judges and lawyers from local or higher officials. In many cases, tenants are given little or no notice of their eviction and do not receive the promised compensation. This lack of adequate compensation (or any compensation at all) sometimes leaves the evictees at risk of homelessness. The forced evictions are often violent, and abuses committed during the eviction process have multiplied."

When it comes to using eminent domain, the Chinese communists make the city fathers of New London, Conn., look like amateurs.

Yet another example of the PRC's "scientific view of development" was on display this week when the Dalai Lama, exiled political and religious leader of Tibet, visited Washington, D.C., to receive a Congressional Gold Medal. The Chinese communists threw a tantrum over this, calling America's honoring of the Dalai Lama "a severe violation of the norms of international relations."

Whereas the PRC is merely trying to redevelop whole neighborhoods in Beijing in preparation for the Olympics, it is trying to redevelop the Dalai Lama's entire nation and religion from the face of the earth in preparation for establishing the worker's paradise that communists envision.

Onetime Soviet spy Whittaker Chambers famously wrote in "Witness" that there is only one real struggle in human history. It is between those who worship God and those who worship man, and who believe that "scientific" government plans can create a heaven here and now. There is no doubt which side the regime in Beijing is on.

If you detect a certain similarity between its aims, which are painted in bold colors, and the somewhat paler pursuits of leftists here at home, you may be on to something.

In any event, the Chinese communists have proved once again: You can have a total disregard for the human race and still love cats.

Terry Jeffrey

Terence P. Jeffrey is the editor-in-chief of CNSNews

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