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"I watched the demonstrators as they came to Washington, and the advocates for life, and the number of 42 million human beings having been killed because of Roe vs. Wade," Democratic Sen. Zell Miller of Georgia told me last week in an interview for Human Events, "and it just grabbed ahold of me very strongly that what if one of my four great-grandchildren or four grandchildren had been one of those that never did get to enjoy the life that they have now."

I asked: "So, now you've actually come all the way around to the opinion that you would like to see Roe vs. Wade overturned, and you would like to see unborn children protected in law in this country?"

"That's exactly right," said Miller. "I've come to feel very strongly about that."

In his best-selling book, "A National Party No More -- The Conscience of a Conservative Democrat," Miller dedicates a chapter (entitled "Abortion and a God Above") to describing his conversion from a pro-choice Democrat who supported Roe v. Wade, to a pro-life Democrat who doesn't. Many sources influenced his thinking. They range from the birth of his great-grandchildren, to Sean Hannity's apt comparison of Roe to Dred Scott, to Newsweek's cover of an unborn child, to two female college students who challenged him on the right-to-life, to signs carried by some women in the March for Life.

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"The most poignant sight for me at this year's annual pro-life march and demonstration in Washington, D.C.," wrote Miller, "was the large number of women holding signs saying they regretted their abortions."

Unlike some pessimists who argue that abortion is a settled issue, Miller, a former history professor, brings a positive perspective to the cause. "Just as Dred Scott was overturned, I believe Roe v. Wade someday will also be rejected," he writes.

Terry Jeffrey

Terence P. Jeffrey is the editor-in-chief of CNSNews

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