Taggart Romney

In our constant effort to reach new voters, my Dad was the first presidential candidate to agree to participate in the upcoming Townhall.com/Salem Communications debate. With this future event, he will be talking about the issues important to Americans in an innovative use of the new media.

My personal favorite online feature is a blog that I and four of my brothers launched called the 5 Brothers Blog, where we are able to share a bit of a behind the scenes look at the family and campaign that you cannot get anywhere else.

But this is not just about staying ahead of the technology curve. It is about reaching new voters in ways that they can appreciate and use. It recognizes that in a compressed news cycle, the only way to reach many voters effectively is through constant engagement, on multiple platforms. I have heard countless stories of people who turned into MittTV and were able to watch my Dad deliver a speech that moved them in such a way to become an active supporter, volunteer, and contributor. We are no longer dependent only on the MSM to deliver our message – we can reach out directly to the individual voters in their homes.

That’s why Sign Up America is such an important project. We have built incredible momentum behind my Dad’s campaign – momentum that means more than campaign dollars and much more than the approving words of a few pundits. It is this kind of spirit which can deliver victory in a political campaign, and bring about a new spirit of leadership for this country. Come and be part of this effort, and join Team Romney on May 15. You will make history.

Taggart Romney

Tagg Romney serves as a senior advisor and surrogate for his father in the Mitt Romney for President Exploratory Committee.

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