Conservative House Republicans’ Budget Proposal

Tad DeHaven

4/2/2012 12:01:00 AM - Tad DeHaven

The Republican Study Committee released its fiscal 2013 budget proposal this week and it’s not horrible. That’s probably a compliment given that the bar is so low on Capitol Hill that one would trip on it. According to the RSC’s numbers, federal spending as a percentage of GDP would recede to a bit over 18 percent in 2022. That’s a level of spending that hasn’t been achieved since George Bush and his fellow Republicans in Congress initiated the federal spending spree of the past ten years.

I give the RSC credit for wanting to rein in the size of the federal government. However, when it comes to budget proposals, I’m more interested in the potential impact on the federal government’s scope. Specifically, would it make it harder for the federal government to spend money on all the activities that it currently does? Unfortunately, that’s where the RSC’s budget proposal falls short.

In sum, the RSC deserves credit for trying to cut the size of government, but even if its proposal were to be enacted, it wouldn’t do much to rein in the scope of the federal government. That means that the RSC’s proposal only amounts to a vision for smaller big government.