Tabitha Hale

If social media has taught us anything, it’s that people today wait for the message to come to them. Most will not go looking for political theory or dive deep into policy discussions. The Left understands that the low information voter is the norm, and their message is conveyed in a way that reaches the person who makes political decisions based on their friends Facebook posts. It’s subtle and many times it’s not even overtly political. The culture has embraced leftist ideology as a whole, because the Left has been able to infiltrate movies, music, social media, and television so that the majority of people don’t even know that their worldviews are being influenced.

The answer is that conservatives will continue to lose unless they understand that they need to take the fight to where people actually live. The majority of Americans do not live in the conservative news sphere. They do not tune in to talk radio, nor do they attend political gatherings or rallies. They’re not following you on Twitter. Their political views can be translated into “Vote with your lady partseCards that make the rounds on Facebook and resonate with millions.

What this does not mean is that there should be a dumbed down version of the message. There should not be imitation humor sites or cheaply made movies that bludgeon people with a conservative message. There is an incredible wealth of talent, and there should be an effort to join them and push back instead of shunning artists and movies because of political differences.

Make good music. Make good movies. Make good art. Not “conservative” movies or “conservative” music. People tune out, and it quickly becomes a preaching to the choir scenario. Embrace humor. There doesn’t need to be a separate conservative arts world, and we need to play on the same field. Support the actors and artists that are actually in Hollywood and making great movies. The work doesn’t need to be flag waving, overtly political rah-rah stuff to plant seeds and influence the way people think.

Unless there is a concerted effort to spend time understanding and embracing the culture of the people they are trying to reach, the Right will become increasingly irrelevant. A culture war cannot be won when you’re sitting behind your computer complaining about the state of the nation. Get in the game and take it back.

Tabitha Hale

Tabitha Hale is the Director of New Media at the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity.