Susan Stamper Brown

Hobby Lobby's choices are minimal and costly. The Greens are forced to crucify their consciences on the cross of Obamacare or pay big-time. During the hearing, Supreme Court Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan suggested religious business owners like the Greens could drop coverage for all employees and pay a $2,000 "tax" per employee. Another alternative is to provide their generous health insurance plan as-is, and dole out a $500 million fine --per year. That is why they are fighting like hell and praying for God's favor.

If Hobby Lobby prevails based upon the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), as many suggest, Democrats will have their favorite president to blame. Ironically, at RFRA's signing ceremony President Bill Clinton jokingly said, "The power of God is such that even in the legislative process, miracles can happen."

The 381,517 word bill Obama signed bears little resemblance to the 11 million word Frankenbill unelected Obama officials have created. So let's put things into perspective. At 4,400 words, the U.S. Constitution is the shortest, oldest constitution of any major government in the world. It has withstood civil war, legal challenges, and thus far, the Obama administration. Yet it still stands immovable, thanks to God's grace and a few good men who warned us about what happens when the government gets too big...this big.

The time has come to elect people who agree with the founders about the government's size and put this toxic piece of legislation to rest. May its epitaph soon read: Herein lies Obamacare, the lie that grew from here to there; Twas laid to rest one happy day, when Americans united to put it away.

Susan Stamper Brown

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