Susan Stamper Brown

During his visit, Obama blamed California’s drought on climate change. Even the New York Times (NYT) disagreed, conceding the administration pushed “the boundaries of scientific knowledge between climate change and drought,” acknowledging there is no “definitive evidence that it is causing California’s problems” and “most likely had little role in causing the drought.” The NYT quoted Climate scientist Richard Seager who said he’s “pretty sure the severity of this thing is due to natural variability.”

Nonetheless, the debate is settled to Obama and his flat earth society friends. And, we will pay dearly. Dr. Julio Friedmann, one of the deputy assistants at the Department of Energy, predicts new climate policies may increase wholesale electricity prices by “70 or 80 percent.” Additionally, the price of food and things we regularly purchase will rise, thanks to another mandate Obama announced, requiring new mileage standards for big rigs that haul the things we purchase.

If only those costs could be passed on to those who voted for The One, Obama, who promised his policies would cause electricity rates to “necessarily skyrocket.” (But then again, it is hard to collect money from dead people, convicted felons, and undocumented immigrants.)

Obama is all in, bending his knee at the altar of the pseudo-religion of an unsettled science. Obama believes it… that settles it…and we are sunk.

Susan Stamper Brown

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