Susan Stamper Brown

If I were the devil, I would control the media, distracting them from holding government accountable with gossipy news about glitz, glamour and shallow lifestyles. I would remake the media in my image so they would champion one opinion with one voice.

If I were the devil, I would unravel the fabric of the nation one marriage at a time. Divorce would become common, even in the churches and synagogues. Poverty and crime would reign with children raised in fatherless homes and I would redefine traditional marriage as archaic with Adam and Steve replacing Adam and Eve.

And I would not rest, nor would I leave any stone unturned until my work was done. "In other words," as Paul Harvey once said, "if I were the devil, I'd keep on doing what he's doing."

Susan Stamper Brown, good day.

Susan Stamper Brown

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