Susan Stamper Brown

What’s more, Obamacare demolishes the healthcare privacy rights guaranteed under HIPAA, according to Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) who recently said, “The law specifically designed to protect your medical privacy, HIPAA… is being violated under this law.” Sounds right, considering is a veritable hacker’s paradise and some of Obamacare’s unvetted hired helpers (navigators) are a little shady. California hired 43 convicted criminals as navigators who have access to what it takes to steal your dignity and your identity.

It’s not clear who is really helped by Obamacare, but we do see many hurt. According to Fox News’ Jim Angle, 80 million people with employer plans are expected to lose coverage sometime this year. Of course, that will be the Republicans’ fault…or Bush’s…or Reagan’s…or Fred Flintstone’s…

We were told Obamacare would insure the uninsurable and Democrats made it sound like they were talking about the masses when it is really just around one percent of the population who do not have group or individual insurance and are ineligible for Medicare or Medicaid, according to National Review,

Here’s the bottom line: Democrats spent trillions to “fix” the economy and wreck the entire U.S. healthcare system when they could have fixed real problems and helped real people in need with less government involvement and much less money. Yes, something needs to be fixed in Washington, but unfortunately, it’s really hard to fix stupid.

Susan Stamper Brown

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