Susan Stamper Brown

Mother Teresa shared her burden for the unborn, where she humbly asked American women to give “until it hurts” of her “plans,” “free time” or those “dreams,” as Obama put it. Mother Teresa described abortion as a war against children, saying if society accepts that a mother can kill her own child, the rest of society cannot be held to a higher standard.

She was right, but sadly, her words fell on deaf ears. During 2010, in New York City alone, enough abortions were performed to pack out the MetLife Stadium. If she were alive today, she would weep over the loss of 83,000 souls, but she would have to mourn from a distance. If Governor Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio are true to their words, she would have been held at the state line as one of those unwelcome pro-life “extremists.”

Like any battle, the “war against children” has its foot soldiers. And like the 500,000-plus in Washington D.C. would tell you, the war is fought one step at a time, and it’s mostly uphill.

Susan Stamper Brown

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