Susan Stamper Brown

I know I am dreaming here, but, what if our halls of higher learning would extend their pursuit of diversity beyond skin color to include hiring professors who didn’t all share the same lofty marshmallow filled ideas. The system is out of whack. Back in 2012, UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute published results from a survey they took asking 23,000 professors to identify their political leanings, wherein 50.3 percent identified as liberal, 12.4 percent as far-left, just 0.4 percent identified as far-right and 11.5 percent, conservative. No wonder kids like Myerson think the only option is Soviet-style communism.

Just think, if things were a little more balanced, maybe smarter ideas, rather than radical dreams, would begin to incubate in the minds of kids who were taught the truth about what happens when governments offer social justice at the end of a gun. In the words of a Czech prisoner turned president, Vaclav Havel, communism “could never be tamed” and “socialism with a human face” is impossible.

I have some advice to those caught fast asleep in the Progressive dream of a welfare state: Sweet dreams, kiddos; the only way to keep that dream alive is to hit the snooze button.

Susan Stamper Brown

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