Susan Stamper Brown

The Democratic Party you say? Not quite. The correct answer points to one of the most reviled groups in history -- the Nazis during the 1930s. Their motto, “Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz,” loosely translated meant: Service before self; the good of the many is more important than the good of the individual. The motto was nothing more than propaganda; meant to make you feel good, and not much more; a feel-good sentence for a very bad agenda.

While I am not suggesting today’s Democrat party is in any way equivalent to the Third Reich, I do ask that my left-leaning friends take some time out to do a little soul searching. If you find yourself somewhere in the middle-left politically, prepare to be run over.

And here’s why. Resolution number 13 of “Fourteen 2014 New Year’s Resolutions for Progressives – and One for Every Year” published in Huffington Post by political organizer Robert Creamer states : “Next November, progressives must do everything possible to make certain that Democrats maintain control of the Senate and put the Speaker’s gavel back into the hands of Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi…if we are successful …the last two years of the Obama presidency could be the most productive, progressive period in recent American history.”

If progressives believe the last five years were somehow unproductive in advancing their agenda, God help us for what is in store the next two years.

Susan Stamper Brown

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