Susan Stamper Brown

And no surprise, a Pew Research study back in April found that, under Obama's policies, "the rich [are] getting richer and the poor [are] getting poorer." The study found Democrats' policies "have produced a greater concentration of wealth, with the share of wealth held by the top 7 percent rising to 63 percent in 2011, up from 56 percent in 2009." Obama did tell Joe the Plumber he liked the idea of spreading wealth, but failed to specify to whom it would be spread.

Pew also points out what most Americans already know: the housing market is not doing well under Democrat Party stewardship. In fact, Reuters says home ownership sank to a 17-1/2 year low in July. A recent National Alliance to End Homelessness analysis found that between 2011 and 2012 the homeless population showed little improvement. Most incriminating is the number of children without a home increased by nearly 2 percent and the homeless who are part of a family rose by 1.4 percent during the same time frame.

Democrats can jibber-jabber all they want about the plight of the middle class, but it would be wise for Americans to take a look at what Democrats have done for them in recent years. To them, is a better description -- considering we have a 20-year high poverty rate coasting at 15 percent, and the highest number of poor Americans since the government began tracking poverty 54 years ago. Without a doubt, Democrats are nudging Americans closer to a Hunger Games-like existence with each policy they enact.

Susan Stamper Brown

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