Susan Stamper Brown

Enter Georgia Institute of Technology's head of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Judith Curry and Marsha Wyatt from the University of Colorado's Department of Geological Sciences who say the scorched earth hypothesis is "inadequate in fundamental ways" and describe the varying changes in the climate similar to a "stadium wave" at a sporting event wherein certain natural events "self-organize into a collective tempo."

Although I'm sure Liberals perk up at the word "collective," we're talking about natural events combining together to produce natural results. Not: The exhaust from my Hummer produces snow clouds in May. Just like everything else in creation, there is rhyme and reason...push and pull...give and take.

So here's some advice, free of charge from this blond columnist: It's November, so pull out your mittens, stock up on chopped wood and chill out as you inhale the beauty of God's creation. Spring will be here before you know it.

Susan Stamper Brown

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