Susan Stamper Brown

It comes as no surprise though, because most of mainstream media's so-called "journalists" lack the intestinal fortitude, intellectual wherewithal, and moral compass to report the truth, but would rather find ways to buddy up with their Cool Prez and propagandize their own liberal ideology to boot.

Here's what is currently circulating among liberal ranks: a picture of Obama saying, "Send me a Congress in 2014 that wants to build a road, send me a Congress in 2014 that cares about the middle class, send me a Congress in 2014 that will help me create jobs and fight global warming. Then and only then will we get things done."

ObamaCare legislation was just the beginning.

The Bible's prophet Amos' posed a question which Establishment Republicans and the Tea Party should consider: "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?" Sometimes we have to agree to disagree. Unless Republicans stand together against the onslaught of liberal ideology, they and those of us who love freedom do not stand a chance come 2014.

Susan Stamper Brown

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