Susan Stamper Brown

It is reasonable to say that without these Chicago thug tactics, an inept empty suit sporting golf shoes might not be occupying the oval office. Wall Street Journal's James Taranto concurs. Taranto wrote, "We now know that government corruption-namely IRS persecution of dissenters-was a factor in Obama's re-election.

During his second inaugural address, Obama called for an end to political name-calling, but he continues, out of control. His rancor is contagious and trickles down the ranks, spreading from Pelosi, Reid, Carney and the rest of the lemmings to senior White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer, who recently likened those who disagree to terrorists "with a bomb strapped to their chest." Former Obama campaign manager and senior White House adviser David Plouffe was no more civil October 10, suggesting opponents are "committing economic treason."

Insane... hostage takers...terrorists...the list goes on. Liberalism's sewer politics may win a few battles or elections-- but will eventually lose the war. Liberalism has failed the world over. And today, with the president's approval numbers at 37 percent, liberalism is headed south in Obama's uncivil America.

Susan Stamper Brown

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