Susan Stamper Brown

The military was quick to respond promising it was an isolated event, but it seemed a bit misplaced considering the magnitude of faith-filled military veterans out there who have managed to love God and serve their country without pulling a "Nidal Hasan" on fellow soldiers. In the name of political correctness, Hasan's alleged heinous act was kindheartedly labeled "work place violence" by the Obama administration, which also denied Purple Hearts to well-deserving soldiers at Fort Hood. Rather than calling it for what it is, the administration treated the massacre as if it were a mass pencil stabbing.

It works both ways. Obama had the opportunity to taste his own bitter medicine when he recently complimented California's Kamala Harris by telling her she is "by far the best looking attorney general in the country." The PC police swarmed, demanding Obama take gender sensitivity classes. He apologized, and the tsunami grew... and increased when free speech was culled after news journalists were told they can no longer use certain terms like "illegal alien" And the tide will expand further, if the two gay students at George Washington University, who demanded the ousting of a Catholic priest because he spoke about his church's not-so-politically correct teachings about homosexuality, get their way.

The monstrous PC wave will continue to rise until it can no longer contain itself, and then will explode across America, drowning our freedom and leaving fascism in its wake.

Susan Stamper Brown

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